I feel robbed

Yesterday I was really proud of myself for only going 100 calories over my goal….and that was on a cup of milk. Weigh in this morning- I lost nothing! What a bummer!! Maybe it’s because I haven’t pooped yet. :(

I want to look like this in sexy lingerie.

I want to look like this in sexy lingerie.

I went about 500 calories over my limit today. I am a tad bit disappointed in myself but I’m not going to let it get me down. If I weren’t afraid of it pouring rain on me at any second I would have taken a longer walk which would have helped. It’s okay. Tomorrow will be better.


bicentennial pool pass

6 month individual pass is only 15 dollars!!! I TOTALLY WANT TO GO SWIMMING TODAY!!

Goals for 2011

Christina here. I’ve compiled a list of my goals for this year and I plan on checking every single one of these motherfuckers off by the end of next December.

+ Lose significant amount of weight (50 lbs)

+ Finish 2 semesters of college w/ excellent grades

+ Attend yoga classes

+ Get car fixed

+ See at least 2 shows/concerts

+ Read 5 books from “to read” shelf

+ Get a job/procure money somehow

+ Go on one decent road trip/adventure

+ Conserve energy costs

+ Work on credit score

+ Become more familiar w/ wine

+ Keep a dream log/journal

+ Stay sane

…3, 2, 1 GO!

Surprise Ingredients in Fast Food


gwen here

I’m going to miss the turtle cheesecake, but I’m seriously excited about changing my diet. I WILL reach my goal of losing 80 lbs this year. My starting calorie intake is 1733 a day, courtesy of dailyplate. My starting fitness activity will be anything. I will try anything physical, as well as making it my duty to walk 30 minutes at least 5 days a week….to start. 

goals for 2011-

lose 80 lbs

practice moderation with partying, chocolate, and fried foods

read a book leisurely


spend more time outisde

produce 1 piece of art

sing more

find appreciation in everything

fall in love ? maybe

work up the courage to post pictures of myself